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What is therapy?

Therapy is a place where children can spend time with a person called a therapist. Children come for all different reasons. Some children come because they feel worried, or sad, or angry about something and may need some help to feel better.

Why am I going to therapy?

Sometimes it is hard for children to talk about their feelings. Your therapist will try to help you feel better without you having to try to explain things, this is because often children find it easier to show how they are feeling through their play rather than using words.

What will happen when I go to therapy?

Your will come to see your therapist on the same day and time each week. The therapy room has toys, sand and things to paint and draw with. Sometimes you can choose what you would like to do and other times your therapist will make suggestions of what to do.

How will therapy help me?

Your therapist will help you to understand your feelings while you play or talk. Children's problems can get better when they understand their feelings.

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