Cambridge Child Therapy | Gender Identity

Therapy for children and young people questioning their gender identity

Cambridge Child Therapy offers therapeutic services to children, young people and their families who may be experiencing questions regarding their gender identity. Flexibility can be given to families who are travelling some distance to Cambridge Child Therapy as each package of support is bespoke. If you are engaged in support from one of the NHS Gender Identity Development Clinics ( it may still be possible to receive support from Cambridge Child Therapy.

Clair has undergone training with Gendered Intelligence and is part of their network/directory of recognised therapists who are qualified to work alongside trans/gender variant or gender questioning young people.  See

The model of therapy practised at Cambridge Child Therapy is based on the premise that gender is a complex and uniquely woven web in each individual, which is made up of influences from nature, nurture and culture. Being gender nonconforming is not in itself a reason to seek therapy. However, therapy does offer children and young people questioning their assigned gender at birth (natal gender) a space to explore what gender means to them. It is not about 'fixing' a child but rather providing a space where conflicts and confusions can be addressed, resilience built and support given to their families (and other professionals if needed). This process may take time as it is a holistic approach which considers the whole child or young person in their own particular life context. Therapy is about engaging in a process where a child and their family can come to know themselves better. Research has shown that children and young people who receive support with their gender identity have better health and well-being outcomes than those who don't.