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Therapy for children and adolescents

Therapy sessions with children and adolescents usually take place following an assessment process.  The assessment process is to ascertain whether Cambridge Child Therapy may be able to help the child or young person as there are various options: individual therapy, parent-child therapy and family sessions. 

Individual therapy sessions are usually 50 minutes and take place at the same time, on the same day each week. How many sessions are required depends upon the needs of the child or young person. The therapy is therefore regularly reviewed with the young person and their parents or carers. Some children or adolescents may need to come for a brief time, whereas others may benefit from coming for longer. Families that are travelling a long way to come to Cambridge Child Therapy can be offered alternatives to weekly therapy if appropriate.

The therapy room is resourced with art and play materials to facilitate the communication of the child or young person, who may find it hard to communicate solely through words. 

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